COVID-19: Scheduling Update & Other Notes

Dear Families,

As we have mentioned over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at all of our processes to ensure we are providing the safest environment for our amazing patients and team. Per new guidelines, we have made some difficult decisions to alter our daily hours here in the office.

All of our physicians will continue to work their normal days; however, the hours we will see patients have changed. We will start our day with well exams for young patients who require immunizations. We will take a short break to clean our exam rooms and lobby, and then we will see sick patients until we are finished. This means we will most likely close our office early every day. If your child is over the age of two, we will be contacting you soon to reschedule your appointment out by 60 days.

This new schedule will begin on Monday, March 23, 2020.

If you receive the “we are closed” recording when you call our office, that means we are closed for the remainder of the day. You are welcome to call your physician (their number is listed in the phone recording) after hours should you have any questions.

We understand this new schedule may inconvenience some of our patients, and we sincerely apologize. Our sole focus is to ensure we are keeping our patients and staff safe by limiting exposure.


  • As a reminder, morning phone time to contact the physicians is between 7:30-8:00 am. If you do not know your doctor’s phone number for after hours, please call 317-582-7257 and listen to the recording.
  • Since we are located in the Ascension-St. Vincent Hospital building, visitors are being restricted by Ascension to ensure the building is safe for employees and patients. Visitors are no longer allowed to use Entrance 4. If you are coming to our office, please use Entrance 3. There will be nurses positioned inside the entrance to screen all visitors. They will allow for two parents to accompany your child; however, we do not advise that you bring any other children at this time. Their normal protocol only allows for one parent to attend; however, they have made a special exception for Carmel Pediatrics’ patients.
  • As additional tests are made available, there may be an increase in positive COVID-19 cases across the nation. Please do not let this alarm you. We note, however, that testing is still currently not widely available, and we do not have testing capabilities.

We are a family here at Carmel Pediatrics, and we will get through this together. We will continue to communicate new guidelines as they become available. Remember, if you have not followed us on Facebook, yet, we highly recommend it, as we are posting updates and tips daily.


Carmel Pediatrics, LLC