We Are INDEPENDENT. What Does That Mean?

We are INDEPENDENT. What does that mean?

By: Nicholas J. Hannah, MSM, Director of Operations

Our tag line at Carmel Pediatrics is “Independent Pediatricians Who Care”. But, what does that really mean? The common myth is that since we are located in the Ascension St. Vincent – Carmel office building, we are affiliated with Ascension. In reality, though, we are not. We are an independent pediatrics office. Most notably, we are a small business who aims to serve our community with the highest levels of care.

In our eyes, there’s a sizable difference between corporate healthcare and an independent practice. At Carmel Pediatrics, we are smaller. You are going to recognize faces, names, and voices. Our billing department is in house, so if you have questions, we can answer those when you are in the office. Everything we do is catered to you.

We are always looking for ways to streamline our processes, to make it easier to serve you. In corporate life, steps to complete a simple task can be challenging. We want things to simple and straightforward. One of the cool things that we implemented a couple years ago is the ability to text our office directly. These are the types of features that we are always looking to implement that sets us apart from corporate healthcare.

My mission, as the Director of Operations, is to be accessible to all of our amazing patients. If there is anything you ever need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The only caveat is that I cannot answer medical questions, so you will still need to call our office to speak with a nurse. You can reach me at 317-582-7875 (my direct line) or by email nick@carmelpediatrics.com.

Bottom line: we are here for YOU. We will go to above and beyond to ensure your children are happy and healthy.